POPGAL Popcorn


POPGAL is the premium-quality gourmet popcorn from Daily Fresh. It is popped from the best quality non-GMO mushroom popcorn kernels. This gives a round and big pop which is perfect for coatings with different flavours that cater to discerning taste buds of consumers. By utilizing the hot air popper imported from U.S, popcorn is popped evenly with no cooking oil added, resulting in a healthier snack which is low fat and low calories yet without compromising its taste.

It’s premium handcrafted popcorn coated with caramel sugar. Truly a
delight and a favour created for everyone!

Infused with tossed black sesame, it gives a unique taste with intense
aromatic fragrance that stays in your mouth!

This is a nice refreshing fruit tasting popcorn that gives a satisfying crisp!

A fiery mix of fresh popcorn and curry spices that are slow-fired! Suitable
for hot and spicy lovers.

Tossed with premium Japan seaweed powder, it is a truly experience
that gives a salty deliciousness!