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You can apply for membership in the following two ways:

a) Purchase HKD/MOP 200 or more in one transaction at any Best Mart 360° stores in Hong Kong / Macau with the “Membership Invitation Code" issued on the receipt; you can register as electronic member in “Best Mart 360” Mobile App OR

b) Direct download “Best Mart 360” Mobile App and registered as CLUB 360° Fans, with accumulated spending over HKD/MOP $300 in 60 days at any Best Mart 360° stores in Hong Kong / Macau OR over HKD/MOP $200 in one single transaction, you will be upgraded as Member the next day.

How to apply for membership?

Can. We have no restriction on place of residence or nationality for membership. You are required to input a valid mobile number (+852, +853 or +86).

Can I apply for membership if I am under the age of 18?

Cannot. Membership must be 18 years old or above.

Do I have to pay an annual membership fee?

You don't need to pay an annual membership fee.

What is CLUB 360°? Why apply for membership?
CLUB 360° is an exclusive membership scheme of Best Mart 360°, which is divided into 3 levels: FANS, Members & Gold members. Member & Gold members can enjoy multiple benefits:
◎Earn 1 basic point for every HKD/MOP 1 spending at Hong Kong/Macau stores,
◎Double Reward Points Day (Member Day): every HKD/MOP 1 = 2 points (on every Monday)
◎Gold Card Exclusive Offer Day: Enjoy 5% off with spending over HKD/MOP120 on every 1st/11st/21st of each month
◎Member Price: Exclusive purchase of popular products at discounted priced
◎Member Points Redemption: every 1,000 points will be used as $10 cash discount when shopping; purchase selected products with point redemption.
Can I use my membership card at Premium 360° stores outside of Hong Kong?

At present, the membership card can only be used at the Best Mart 360 and FoodVille stores in Hong Kong or Macau.

How to upgrade to become a CLUB 360° Gold Card member?

Gold card membership is valid for one year and is calculated year by year;

You can upgrade to become a Gold Card member in the following way:

After becoming a Member, you can spend HKD/MOP $2,500 in Hong Kong/Macau Best Mart 360° stores / FoodVille stores throughout the next consecutive 365 days, and you will be upgraded to a Gold Card member the next day.

Can I join the CLUB 360° membership if I cannot make a single purchase of HKD/MOP $200 immediately?

Can. You can download the "Best Mart 360°" Mobile Application (APP) first, and register as a CLUB 360° FANS. Within 60 days, you can spend HKD/MOP $300 at Best Mart 360° stores /FoodVille stores in Hong Kong or Macau, and you will be upgraded to a member on the next day.

Can I apply for physical card membership?

Cannot. To reduce the manufacture of plastic products, we no longer offer physical membership cards. We sincerely invite you to download the "Best Mart 360" Mobile Application or use the WeChat Mini Program "優品會員" to register as a member and enjoy member benefits.